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Tensions are rising across Europe as there were a number of clashes between migrants and riot police all across Europe.

Macedonian officials have said that they are looking at shutting off its borders with Austria if the number of refugees becomes too high.

Images have emerged online from a protest in the country where refugees are shown tearing down a barbed wire fence erected by police. The barriers were situated on the Greek/Macedonian border where 7,000 people were attempting to move further North into mainland Europe.


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President of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov has said that his country “needs to find its own solutions” to the refugee problem instead of waiting on Brussels.

Speaking in an interview with Speigel Online, he said, “We need a political decision now. Soon it will be too late… The Austrian ceiling of 37,000 will be reached… Whenever a country to the north closes its borders, we follow suit”.

Meanwhile in France, demolition teams have pulled down and destroyed over 100 temporary accommodation units in Calais’s infamous “Jungle” refugee camp.

Around 4,000 people were living in the camp and were forced to evacuate the area following clashes with riot police overnight.

There have been claims that tear gas was fired into the camp after trucks were stopped and attacked by refugees as they attempted to reach the port.

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The struggles come just days after a controversial referendum over the rights of migrants coming into Switzerland has been rejected by 58.95 of voters.

Under the proposed changes to the law, a migrant would be deported for any serious crime such as murder or armed robbery. They could also be deported for committing two so called “secondary crimes” such as speeding or burglary within a ten year period.

The rejection is seen as a blow for far right groups in Europe as they look to try to reduce the number of refugees arriving from the Middle East.

Closer to home, six migrants are being detained by Gardai after they were found hiding in a container that arrived in Rosslare port yesterday.

This was the second incident of this kind over the weekend as nine men were found in a refrigerated unit on Saturday morning.

By Aidan Delaney


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