A man was granted a suspended sentence for possession of over €26k of cannabis in court today.

The 23 year old man has been handed a 4 year suspended sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court today after being charged with possession and distribution of herbal cannabis with a street value of over €26,307.

The drugs were seized after a surveillance operation on Jason Bailey’s family home in March 2012 at 23 St Marks Crescent, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

The search yielded a significant quantity from the Bailey family home after extensive searches of the lower floors and attic.

Upon arrival of the Gardai Mr Bailey promptly confessed to the possession of the drugs. When taken in for questioning he admitted that he was holding the drugs to maintain a drug debt of €2,500.

He also added that he had bagged 27 ounces of herbal cannabis and supplied 4 ounces of the drug to others.

In the interview, Mr Bailey said he had been “instructed to hold on to the cannabis and instructed what to do with it”.

Mr Bailey had no previous convictions, and claimed that the drug debt came from his personal drug habit which cost him €200-300 per week.

The Gardai described Mr Bailey as being “fully cooperative” and since the arrest has “appeared to have turned his life around”.

Since his arrest Mr Bailey has tested negative for all drugs since June 2013 and has been involved with the Tower programme to keep his life on track.

The Tower programme is a service target towards young ex-offenders, helping them with personal development and job skills.

Judge Allison Lindsay said that the defendant had made “a spectacular turnaround of personal circumstances” before handing down a four year suspended sentence, along with a fine of €100.

By Sarah Magliocco


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