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The Healy-Rae’s have today slammed claims of a close association with Cork TD Michael Collins.   

“He went around to the doors saying that he was in daily contact with us but he never made contact, it was a blatant lie… Michael met him once,” Danny said.

Michael Healy-Rae also spoke out saying “This man has never contacted me about any alliance, that never ever happened. It’d be hard for me to join with him because he never asked me.”

The Independent TD from South West Cork recently got elected to the Dáil after rising to success during the run up. The Cork man who claimed to be in “regular” contact with the Healy Rae’s  claimed that he wants to be the counties own answer to the two Kerry brothers. ““I want to be a Healy-Rae for West Cork,” he told the Irish Examiner. “It’s parochial, but they have delivered.”

“I’m not happy with that story because it’s not true. I’m very cross about this because there was never any discussion. It’s actualy how he got elected, he put on a cap and went around door to door saying he had an alliance with us,” said Michael.

Collins is a strong believer in the importance of the rural voice being heard and gained popularity by making and effort to get to know his constituency on a personal level similar to the Healy Raes. He was recently seen canvasing in the local supermarket and chatting to supporters who came out to see him.

Despite similar tactics to the Healy Rae’s, Danny slammed any form of a relationship between the politicians, “I’ve never met him myself.. we’d be very careful about who we’d let use our name.” Danny and his brother Michael this week became the two brothers ever to be sitting in the Dáil at one time with Michael topping the polls and accumulating over 20’000 first preference votes.

The revelations emerged following suggestions of the independents of the country joining forces to form what could be quite a powerful party. With 14 independents being elected to Dáil once again people have suggested the join forces to speak in unison for the rural people of Ireland.

Danny pushed the idea of a coalition aside saying, “How do I know what those independents would be up to, I’d have to be very careful about who I’d associate with.”

“We’ll see what will happen, this will take a few weeks to evolve.. it takes a bit of time so we’ll have to see,” said Michael when asked about the possibility of a coalition.

RTE’s drive time touched on the idea of a coalition yesterday, “I think it’s likely to happen actually, Michael Collins.. has already talked about forming an alliance with the Healy Rae brothers in Kerry. You could perhaps form some form of a Munster alliance from this,” said journalist Justine McCarthy.

However, it seems that this idea will go no further with both Healy Raes deneying any form of alliance being forged with Michael Collins.


-Emily Hawkins


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