NUIG Students Union have said that they were not made aware of changes in repeat fees before the announcement emails were sent out to the student body.

An email circulated to students on February 25th by Mary Dooley, NUIG’s Chief Financial Advisor, announced the fee increase explaining it would be “bringing it into line with average repeat fee levels in other Irish universities”. However the SU were not notified of this and it was students who brought it to their attention.

Exam repeat fees in NUIG have increased by €100, from €195 to €295, and will be effective for repeat exams sat in summer 2016. This news was met with anger and outrage.

NUI Maynooth charge €70 per module, but cap the overall fee at €280. NUIG students are not given a choice to pay per module and fees are not capped at €295. DCU charge €55 per module and €195 once off annually for written exams. UCC charge €35 per 5 credit module and cap it at maximum of €245 for repeats. In UCD students pay €230 per resit.


Fees comparison breakdown

2,183 people have already signed an online petition to abolish the fee increase.

NUIG students can only receive a maximum grade of 40% when they repeat an exam, which is causing anger throughout.

NUIG President, Jim Browne, attended an SU Council debate and has been quoted saying “I don’t believe that students will drop out over €100, I believe if they were to, they’d drop out anyways”. Many students are criticising Browne over this statement, and are condemning his €198,000 salary through social media.

According to live tweets from the debate the fee increases were justified by university budget deficits.

(Embed tweet )

Browne said that he is open to charging for repeats on a module basis, similar to NUIM, UCC and DCU.

If students cannot afford to pay repeat fees they can still sit repeat exams however they will not be able to register for the following year or access their exam results until outstanding fees are paid.


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