Vincent Ryan, who was shot dead in Finglas yesterday afternoon, will receive a full paramilitary funeral similar to that of his brother Alan.

Vincent Ryan, a known member of the Real IRA, was gunned down as he sat in his car on McKee road in Finglas having visited his partner and child.

Vincent’s brother Alan was the leader of the Real IRA prior to his murder in September 2012. He received a full paramilitary funeral featuring roadblocks, mourners marching in full republican uniform and a volley of shots being fired as Ryan’s coffin was removed from his home in Donaghmede.


Twenty three people were arrested in the wake of the funeral for firearms offenses and destruction of property. Gardaí allowed the funeral to go ahead at the time without interruption citing public safety as they feared the threat of a riot breaking out were they to intervene.

The then justice minister Alan Shatter released statement saying that “Paramilitary trappings should not blind people to the fact that what is at issue is criminal terrorism carried on by people who, for their own reasons, want to drag the people of this island back to a dark past.”

Gardai are set to launch a task force to prevent similar scenes occurring at Vincent Ryan’s funeral.


Vincent Ryan had survived another attempt on his life when he was stabbed in the face on Parnell Street last November.

Ryan was well known to Gardai having been arrested for the murder of drug dealer Mika “the Panda” Kelly in 2011 but was released without charge.

The secretive ‘Mr Big’ drugs gang are believed to have been behind the killing of Alan Ryan, stabbing of Vincent Ryan and yesterday’s murder. Gardaí believe they foiled another attempt by ‘Mr Big’ to murder Vincent Ryan in May of last year.

The Real IRA formed in 1997 after the splitting of the provisional IRA. Under Alan Ryan’s leadership the controlled the flow of drugs into much of Dublin, taxing and murdering drug dealers. Under the guise of a security firm Ryan and his associates ran protection rings extorting money from Dublin businesses for in return for protection. Ryan and the Real IRA sent a portion of these proceeds back to IRA leaders in Belfast while keeping the rest for themselves.

By Niall Connolly







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