The search for the killer continues as nearly 18 years on from the Omagh bombing, charges were dropped against one of the men suspected of the attack.

29 people died in the attack, which was the single deadliest attack during the 30 year Troubles, that took place on 15th August 1998.

Seamas Daly, from Cullaville Co. Armagh was charged two years ago with setting a car bomb in the centre of the town just six months after the signing of the Good Friday agreement.

Mr Daly, a bricklayer, has been on remand from prison since he was charged with the attack along with other terrorism related offences in April 2014.

Daly was one of four men who were ordered by the Belfast High court to pay damages of £1.6 million to the bereaved families of the attacks in 2009.

Families whose relatives died in the Omagh bombings say that they feel “let down” by the authorities after the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

A lawyer from the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) withdrew the charges against Mr Daly after the prosecution felt that the evidence from a key witness was not reliable.

A spokesperson for the PPS told the Independent earlier “Having conducted a careful review of the case with the prosecution team, the Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory QC has concluded that the available evidence no longer provides a reasonable prospect of a conviction. Consequently the prosecution cannot be continued.”

Among the 29 people who died in the blasts, 3 were Irish, 2 were Spanish tourists and and one victim was a pregnant woman.

By Aidan Delaney




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