Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton look set for victories in the ‘Super Tuesday’ primaries, as 12 states and one territory go to the polls today.

In what is the first multiple-state vote of the campaign, and it is the day when the largest number of states hold primary elections. The polls are predicting that the two frontrunners will extend their lead over the chasing pack.

Fresh off her resounding victory in South Carolina, former first lady Hillary Clinton looks like she will emerge from ‘Super Tuesday’ with an unassailable lead.

Doctor Kenneth McDonagh, a lecturer at Dublin City University, think that Sanders will fight until the very end and try to dictate how the democratic party run –  but a decisive victory for Clinton all but secures her the nomination.

“There’s no chance he [ Bernie Sander] will concede tonight even though his chance of the nomination will be gone. He has been very clear that his aim is to transform the Democratic Party and US politics and he will stay in as long as possible to keep his populist message at the centre of the debate.

“However, if Clinton wins as decisively as expected you can expect her to switch more or less immediately to General Election mode, effectively ignoring Sanders and targeting the middle ground and Republicans uncomfortable with the idea of voting for Trump,” he added.



On the other side, although Donald Trump is expected to extend his league – he still will remain a long way short of the delegates needed to secure the nomination.

Polls are signaling that the outspoken billionaire will cruise to victory in most of tonight’s states, but according to Professor of Journalism at Dublin City University, Steven Knowlton – there’s no reason for any of the other candidates seeking the Republican nomination to pull out of the race.


“Rubio doesn’t have to drop out, nobody has to drop out anymore. I’d personally be surprised if either Rubio or Cruz dropped out”, he said, but he did acknowledge that Trump could be too big to catch.


He said: “He almost certainly is [too big]. I think what the party leadership want is to get to the convention without Trump having an outright majority or delegates bound to him.”

“Once you get to the convention, all kinds of things can happen including entire delegations can be challenged, he added.

On Trump running as an independent third-candidate, Knowlton said that: “We don’t know what hell would happen, nobody has a good fix on what this Trump phenomenon is. America has never seen anything like it before”.

It’s quite clear that barring a major upset when the US vote today, front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton still looks odds on favourites to advance to November’s Presidential election.


By David Clarke




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