Luas workers threaten all out strike as talks between SIPTU and Transdev break down

luas - credit rcsi

Credit: RCSI

Luas strikes will go ahead on St. Patrick’s Day and Easter weekend with the possibility of an all-out strike in the coming weeks.

Talks have broken down between SIPTU, the worker’s union and Transdev, the company which operates the Luas.

Speaking on Newstalk, Owen Reidy of SIPTU said that workers will consider a ballot for an all-out strike in the next week.

If members vote in favour, the strikes will take place in five or six weeks and will be indefinite.

When asked about the possibility of the government stepping in, Mr Reidy said that would be a “sensible thing to do” as they are now dealing with a “reckless employer”.

Initially, Luas workers sought pay increases of up to 53 per cent.   SIPTU now say that workers have reduced their pay claims by nearly half.

Transdev say they are “unable to meet these unprecedented demands” which they claim would add 40 per cent to their annual wage bill or €30 million over five years.

The company has called on SIPTU to re-engage with their members and “establish whether the positions being put forward are representative of the majority of their members”.

Paschal Donohoe, Transport Minister has said the government “cannot and will not change the contract on which the Luas operates”.

Aoife Geary


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