Pharmaceutical company Grinfols announce €85 million Dublin investment


Credit: Triangle Business Journal

A Spanish plasma pharmaceuticals group Grifols has announced a further €85 million investment in its Dublin plant which opened last year.

Grifols is bringing forward plans for the construction of a purification plant for the protein albumin. This is to cover the particularly growing market demand for this protein.

This new expansion has the capacity to produce between 130 and 150 million grams/year of albumin, one of the earlier proteins to be discovered in plasma.

“One of our big projects is Alzheimer’s and we have found that albumin maybe has some implication on Alzheimer’s which is a huge opportunity, “Grifol said.

Construction will begin towards the end of this year, with the plant expected to be operation-ready in early 2020. The investment is part of a larger programme which will see the group build four new plants in a $360 million expansion of its bioscience manufacturing capacity.

The company opened its $100 million Grange Castle facility in Ireland last year. The plant focuses on the warehousing of plasma, product labelling, and administrative and commercial activities.

Barcelona-based Grifols is a global players in the business of extracting proteins from blood plasma and using them to develop medicines. It sells into over 100 countries worldwide.

Bioscience, the plasma business, is one of the group’s three divisions but makes up 75 per cent of its revenues. Grifol have three bioscience facilities already, in Barcelona, Los Angeles and Clayton, North Carolina.

The company was founded in the wake of the Spanish Civil War in 1945. It established the industry standard method of extracting plasma proteins from blood.

This investment of Spanish healthcare last year increased the multinational  pharmaceutical giants operating in Clondalkin.  Pfizer and Alexicon Pharmaceuticals are already established in Dublin 22.

Conor Martin


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