Ryan funeral attracts crowds and heavy Garda presence


Credit: Jordan Kavanagh

Over 300 people attended the funeral of Vincent Ryan this morning.

There was a heavy Garda presence for the funeral, with armed, regular and plain clothed Gardaí around the area.

The funeral took place in the Church of Holy Trinity in Donaghmede.

The 25-year-old was gunned down in a car, outside his partner’s house in Mackee road in Finglas last week.

There was a guard of honour formed for Ryan in the funeral procession. The men and women in the guard of honour wore white shirts, and black ties with lilies on them.

As the procession reached the Grange road, motorcyclists, believed to be Ryan’s friends, formed on either side of the road as the procession passed. The motorcyclists revved their engines as the coffin passed through.


Credit: Jordan Kavanagh

Ryan’s partner, Kelly walked in front of the coffin, with their newborn baby, Phoenix.

Kelly gave a eulogy at the funeral and said Vincent was a good father and that a lot of people never experience true love, but she had.

She said that when Vincent Ryan was taken from her, he took her heart with him, and she asked him to keep it safe.

In his homily, Father Gerry Corcoran, said “When a young person dies suddenly and violently as Vincent has, it is a stark reminder that we should never take life for granted.”

Father Corcoran told the church that  “Vincent enjoyed cycling from a young age and more recently his love of his motor biking emerged.”

He continued to say that Ryan “Was a non-smoker, non-drinker and never used drugs.”

Ryan’s brother, Anthony who was a member of the real IRA, was murdered in 2012. He was shot dead, and controversy arose at his funeral when shots were fired into the air, for a military funeral.

The same concerns arose for Vincent’s funeral, but the family released a statement saying Vincent was a “staunch and honourable republican” but not a member of the IRA when he was shot.

They said he would receive a “traditional republican family funeral” and not a military funeral.

Vincent was buried in Fingal Cemetery today. There was a heavy Garda presence there also.

The family also called for “no retaliation” for Vincent Ryan’s murder.

Jordan Kavanagh


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