Apple mark birthday with billion sales

By Aoibheann Diver

iPhone SE copy

By Aoibheann Diver

Apple celebrated the sale of more than a billion of their products in the lead up to their 40th birthday.

They sold more than 30 million four inch iPhones last year alone, which may be why Apple’s newest phone has gone back to that size. It is also cheaper than the iPhone 6, which may be a clever trick to try and increase sales.

Apple’s newest creation, the iPhone SE, is set to replace the iPhone 5c and 5S as a starter iPhone to lead on to the more recent iPhone 6s.

Described as “the most powerful 4 inch phone ever”, the iPhone SE boasts a 12MP camera, battery improvements and the same processing performance as the iPhone 6s. Apple released the new phone along with its other new products at its headquarters in California yesterday.

The new phone also has touch ID to allow for secure payments with Apple Pay.

Contrary to tradition, the starting price for the new iPhone is lower than the price of the most recent model. A 16GB iPhone SE will cost $399, while its 64GB counterpart will cost $499.

The tech giant continued their routine of introducing new colours and sizes to existing products such as the Apple Watch and the iPad Pro. The Apple Watch also has a new band made from woven nylon.

Prices for the Apple Watch will start at $299.

The new iPad Pro has 9.7 inch retina display and weighs just 16 ounces. The screen is 25 per cent brighter than the iPad Air 2, making it the brightest tablet available.

Apple now has more than one million apps available for iPad.

The new model also boasts True Tone display, which makes the screen look more natural and so it is less straining on the eyes, similar to the way a Kindle works.

The latest developments for Apple TV include dictation and Siri for the App Store, which can be acquired for free with the most recent update.

iPhone SE



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