BD Festival is a guaranteed Good Friday

By Gary Grimes


BD Festival, a one day BYOB electronic dance music festival takes place this GoodFriday for the ninth year running.

The festival began nine years ago as a much smaller affair. Originally ‘Barn Dance’, the event was a secret party attended by approximately 300 people at a secret location that was revealed to ticket holders on the day.

Now, the festival has dropped the secret location aspect, this year taking place at Glendalough House. A host of international and local DJs will play the event, including Mylo and Dimitri From Paris.


The event is another in a growing list of one day festivals that try to provide summer themed entertainment during off peak times of year.

The festival is capitalising on Good Friday’s prohibition laws by relying on sponsorship from alcohol companies.

The BYOB aspect of the event gives attendees a cheaper festival experience, as well as a way to get around the laws that prohibit the sale of alcohol on Good Friday.

The festival also pokes fun at other Good Friday laws, by providing a huge BBQ and meat selection.

This has proven to be a successful marketing tool, as the festival will this year open its doors to more people than ever before.

According to polls recorded by BNN, 88% of respondents felt that Ireland’s laws regarding the sale of alcohol on Good Friday are outdated.


Seventy one percent of people who took the poll revealed they would be ignoring tradition and drinking alcohol this Friday.





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