Madonna’s court battle to head to the US

By Conor Martin


A high court judge has pleaded with Madonna and her ex husband Guy Ritchie to settle a dispute over their son.

The dispute is over where their 15-year-old son Rocco should live. Mr Justice MacDonald said that it would be a “tragedy” if any more of the “fast-receding days” of the teenager’s childhood were to be effected by the dispute.

He pleaded with them to resolve their differences in a ruling on the latest stage of litigation., following a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

Judges have heard that Rocco had left his mother’s Rebel Heart world tour at the end of last year to visit his father in London and has remained there. Madonna wants the teenager to return to live with her in the US but earlier this month asked for legal proceedings in England to end.

The judge was asked to decide whether he should allow English proceedings to draw to a close – or whether he should make decisions about Rocco’s welfare.

Madonna and Mr Ritchie married in December 2000 and divorced nine years later, the judge had heard. They had agreed that Rocco would live in the USA with Madonna but spend time with Mr Ritchie.

Mr Justice MacDonald said: “I renew, one final time, my plea for the parents to seek, and to find, an amicable resolution to the dispute between them. Because agreement is not possible today does not mean that agreement will not be possible tomorrow.”

A judge in New York has made similar pleas. Lawyers have told him that both had outlined proposals for negotiation.

Mr Justice MacDonald said Madonna accepted that the New York court had “jurisdiction” -and he gave her permission to withdraw the proceedings she had launched in London under the Hague Convention.




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