Michael Healy-Rae

By Emma Duffy


Independent TD Michael Healy-Rae is “on the mend” after Sunday’s farm incident which left him hospitalised.

The Kerry politician is due to be released from Cork University Hospital today with minor injuries.

“I don’t have any broken bones, I just have a lot of bruising. The back of my head was cut. I’m just sore all over, but I’m extremely lucky and grateful” he told Pat Kenny on Newstalk earlier today.

“Only for there were others there to pull me away, I wouldn’t be talking to you here today Pat”

The accident happened on Sunday evening when the politician was attacked by a cow after she calved.


“She (the cow) got me in up against the bars, and the crush, she gave me a good old going over, and the most dangerous of all, she got me on the ground”

“She was giving me a right doing. The last thing I remember is her actually standing on my face”

The story received quite a lot of attention on the satirical website “Waterford Whisperers”, with the cow jokingly being referred to as an assassin who was distressed by the Healy-Rae brother’s actions regarding Irish Water and property auctions.

Healy-Rae took to social media earlier today to thank people for their support and well wishes.

“I am so thankful to the management and staff in Cork University Hospital for their great care since Sunday and also to the Gardaí who were so good to me and my family on Sunday night.”

“I thought that I was good and cautious, but obviously I wasn’t. I made a mistake but I was one of the lucky ones.”

Healy-Rae sympathised with the bereaved relatives of the Daniels and McGrotty families following Sunday’s tragedy in Buncrana, as well as anyone affected by this morning’s terror attacks in Brussels.

“Thanks again so much to everyone who have been so kind to me and I would also like to say my thoughts and prayers are with the McGrotty and Daniels family (sic) after their tragedy and to the people of Brussels this morning, may god bless them all, Michael.”






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