St. Patrick brings the heat

By Gary Grimes

Bi metal thermometer

Bi metal thermometer with a mid point range of 20 degrees rising to 50 on the hot side and dropping to minus 10 on the cold

Ireland enjoyed its driest and warmest St. Patrick’s Day in years.

Temperatures on the day rose to 13 degrees at peak and the sun shone on a day that has been cloudy and rainy for the last five five years.

This makes sense with recent data released by the World Meteorlogical Organisation which showed January and February of this year to have smashed temperature records.

The news comes after the WMO Statement on the State of the Climate for 2015 told that last year was a record year for global warming.

The year saw ‘record land and sea surface temperatures, unabated ocean warming and sea level rise, shrinking sea ice extent’ as well as a high number of extreme weather events.

The release of the Statement was to coincide with World Meteorlogical Day 2016 on March 23rd.



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