Swords man found “foaming at mouth” while publicly intoxicated

By Katie Fleming

A man described by Gardai as “abusive and aggressive” appeared in Swords District Court today for public intoxication.

Brian Greene from Swords was arrested for public intoxication on December 12th 2015 shortly after 11:30am.

Gardaí received a call from a distressed passerby who observed Greene allegedly “intoxicated, shouting and jumping on the bonnets of parked cars” in the rear car park of Supervalu in Malahide.

Giving evidence, Garda Doherty of Swords Garda station said that a delivery driver in the car park pointed them in the direction of Townyard Lane to the accused.

It is then alleged that they found Mr Greene in an intoxicated state talking to a “distressed” female who backed away when they arrived. Mr Greene was allegedly instantly abusive to Gardaí, asking “What the f*** do you want? What are you here for?”

Mr Greene was allegedly abusive and aggressive throughout his arrest, and had to be put to the ground to be handcuffed because of this. He was allegedly “foaming at the mouth” and “pushing toward (the Gardaí)”, said Garda Doherty.

The accused was brought to Swords Garda station for questioning, and was abusive in the patrol car for the journey. It is alleged that he called the Gardaí “a bunch of knackers” among other names.

The accused was put in a cell around 12.30pm and was allegedly loud, violent and abusive until around 7pm that evening.

Garda Doherty recalled that at 1pm the accused was heard shouting “Tiocfaidh ar lá” in his cell. This was followed by loud chants of “Ireland, Ireland” at approximately 1.15pm and “loud singing”.

Garda Doherty said that around 2.45pm the accused allegedly got very aggressive in his cell and began slapping himself in the face and punching the cell door while shouting abusive comments.

Mr Greene is alleged to have shouted for a doctor while complaining of a “sore head” and heart problems. However, when a doctor arrived Mr Greene allegedly refused to see him and became aggravated.

Mr Greene’s solicitor attempted to give evidence in defence of his client in the form of a letter from a staff member in the restaurant Giovanni’s, just off Townyard Lane in Malahide.

Judge Victor Blake insisted that this was not satisfactory evidence as the person that had allegedly written it to form an “alibi” of sorts was not present to give evidence that they had indeed written it.

The judge ordered that a Probation Welfare Report was issued to Mr Greene and that its strict instructions must be followed to ensure proper sentencing at a later date in May.

The accused was ordered to do 240 hours of community service in the meantime and was warned of the possibility of a custodial sentencing in May.

Mr Greene has 8 previous convictions, 3 traffic related offences, 3 offences relating to drug possession and 2 of possession of drugs with intent to sell.


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